The Breakers Palm Beach Case Study

For The Breakers Palm Beach, the wellbeing and fulfillment of its 2,000 team members are top priority. This independent, family-owned resort makes an unprecedented investment in that commitment, to empower its staff with the tools and resources to enrich their lives with healthy-living practices and work/life integration.

Back in 2003, Denise Bober, today the resort’s VP of Human Resources, and colleague, Pat Ciavola, Director of Team Member Development, set out to extensively research wellness initiatives to lay a new foundation of health and wellness for its employees. We wanted to elevate our workplace and do more for our organization, it was important to us to partner with a company with a comprehensive approach that addressed wellness on multiple levels, not to merely add healthy food in the café or offer physical activities as superficial gestures to make the point about diet and exercise .”

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