New Online Energy for Performance® e-Course Now Available

The Human Performance Institute is proud to announce the launch of its Energy for Performance® e-Course, a highly interactive, web-based training program that introduces individuals to the principles of human energy management to increase performance. Rooted in over 30 years of proprietary research and training with elite athletes and Fortune 500 executives ("Corporate Athletes®"), the e-Course helps empower individuals to manage and expand their energy capacity to achieve high performance in work and in life.

The Human Performance Institute's Energy for Performance® training combines performance psychology, exercise physiology, and nutrition to enable high performance and lifelong behavior change. The new experiential e-Course, grounded in the philosophy that higher performing employees create higher performing corporate cultures, transforms the Institute's flagship offering into a scalable, highly personalized four-hour program that can serve as a standalone training course or bolster other organizational initiatives, including:

  • Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Leadership Development programs
  • On-Boarding or New Hire programs
  • Health and Wellness offerings
  • Sales Training

It is also a useful support tool for Corporate Athlete® course graduates and their significant others.

"This is the most exciting training solution we've produced so far - a true scalable solution that organizations can use to take the principles of energy management to every level," said Dr Jim Loehr, Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute. "Timing couldn’t be better as employers are looking to provide sustainable high performance solutions in this pressure-filled 24/7 environment. Anyone and everyone in the organization can benefit from this training".

To learn how the Energy for Performance® e-Course can impact your organization, watch this video.