The Only Way to Win

How Building Character Drives Higher Achievement and Greater Fulfillment in Business and Life by Jim Loehr, Ed.D.
The conditioning begins early in our lives. Great achievements will bring lasting happiness and fulfillment; great achievements form the bedrock of stable self-esteem and strong character; great achievements will become the foundation for a successful life. If these well-intentioned promises are true, why does winning never seem to be enough?

The Only Way to Win draws on world-renowned performance psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr Jim Loehr’s more than 30 years of riveting insights into the world of high achievement. The Only Way to Win counters society’s promise that great achievements will bring lasting happiness and fulfillment. Specifically, Loehr finds that the blind pursuit of external achievement often results in emptiness, addiction, and, ironically, poor performance. It’s not really about what you achieve, he argues, it’s about who you become as a consequence of the chase.

Dr. Jim Loehr, Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has spent his career working with high achievers ranging from CEOs, to Hostage Rescue Teams, military Special Forces, and sports stars including 16 world number one ranked athletes, Olympic gold medalists, NFL Pro Bowlers, and many more. Based on his years of experience with these clients, this book explores a surprising discontent Loehr has found at the heart of people who, to everyone else, seem to be at the pinnacle of success—and it begins with some dangerous expectations we have about success itself, that “Great achievements will bring lasting happiness and fulfillment.” In fact, through numerous examples, Dr. Loehr uncovers the startling revelation that, often, winning changes nothing.

The problem with these well-intentioned promises of winning, ones many people have believed in for most of their lives, is that they are false and too often result in profound emptiness and even addiction. Society’s formula for success in life is the pursuit of more money, fame, power, status, material possessions and beauty. As Dr. Loehr powerfully demonstrates, success at work and fulfillment in life require a complete re-purposing of achievement, one where value is tied not just to external markers of success, but also to character-based growth in areas such as integrity, honesty, gratefulness, humility, optimism and compassion.

In The Only Way to Win, Loehr builds on the Human Performance Institute’s energy management training principles with groundbreaking insights into the whole area of character development. A compelling, practical, and hopeful read filled with relatable stories and useful exercises, The Only Way to Win is the latest thought leadership innovation from the Human Performance Institute to help today’s leaders and professionals, and almost anyone else, achieve meaningful and lasting success while inspiring engaged and high performing teams.