Getting Back In The Groove With A Perfect Pyramid Day – A Corporate Athlete Story

I recently got "back on the wagon" after falling off for several pounds.  We have a wellness competition going on at work. Winners win based on % of weight lost PLUS some exercising a minimum of 150 minutes a week.  This has been good motivation for me and that I have had to DECLARE to others my skin in the game.

I am back on track with nutrition as well. Eat a little, often.  Recently I worked from home, taking care of my elegant 15 year old daughter who is healthy, active and a model for good eating.  On this particular day, I woke up and before taking her to high school I asked, "What are you making me for breakfast?"  She looked oddly at me and said, "Go boil some eggs father."  I boiled a 1/2 dozen following her explicit instructions.  When they cooled we cracked them open and she got out a package of ham and she said, "Let's do Paleo today. I'll bring meat and 3 eggs to school and you eat one piece of ham every hour on the hour. Eat an egg now, one for lunch and one before you pick me up at 2:45.  You gotta also drink a lot of water.  If you do that I'll make you a nice spinach and corn salsa type salad that I've been thinking about making for dinner. Deal?"

My daughter is a rock star.  She hit all my buttons.  She PRESCRIBED food for me, gave me a challenge and then promised to reward me!  Can you imagine?  So, I followed her advice and when I picked her up at school she said, "You riding your bike tonight? Cuz if you are when you get home we can devour that salad I'm going to make."  My bike is my friend. I rode HARD for one hour... there are no hills where I live but by God you have the wind.  So I burned and burned and burned because I just absolutely LOVE my bike. Best money I ever spent.  While riding I was thinking about the egg I ate about 1/2 hour earlier.  I was thinking about the salad I would be rewarded with.  I was thinking back to HPI and my time in the gym where for the first time in my life I found out what INTERVALS were. I pondered “How do you get to be 55 years old, in fairly good strong shape and not know about intervals?”  Well, I did intervals on my bike today maxing out 4:1.  Did I tell you I love my bike?  Well, I burned it hard.  Got home and walked into the kitchen and my daughter says, "Make yourself a banana protein shake with just water and ice, the salad is almost done."  That salad was like a dream.  Some kind of corn/salsa deal on top of spinach leaves.  No dressing, none needed.  Wow!  That kid can cook.

On the drive to the airport later in the evening to pick up my wife and mother-in-law, past a normal bed time, rocking the 70's music on the radio.  I was teaching my daughter a thing or two about music.  She was impressed but she was a bit concerned that my "car dancing" would get us killed.

I had a fun, enriching I would not trade away for anything else.  It was a good dad-daughter day.  It was good for me to see her eyes twinkle.  She enjoyed my energy even though she feigned embarrassment when I had to drive her girlfriend home from school. I had energy all day...from the time I woke to the time I went to sleep. The whole day was a blast.


Can't have days like this when you are slow, lethargic, depressed and feeling awful. I've been there and don't like it.  Ankles swelling...wondering if you are going to pop over to a diabetic, wondering if the swelling will be permanent.

Sometimes you just have to do the pyramid one full day to remember how to get back in the groove.

Joe C.
U.S. Natural Gas Company
Human Resources - Organization Development