The Human Performance Institute Creates Comprehensive Wellness Experience with Canyon Ranch

New immersion program helps individuals make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes

The Human Performance Institute Division of Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, recently announced the launch of a new wellness program merging its Corporate Athlete® training with Canyon Ranch's integrative wellness offering. The hybrid course, called The EXCELerate Program – The Power of Energy for Purpose & Performance, offers clients a five-day health and wellness experience that incorporates the full resources and amenities of Canyon Ranch’s flagship property in Tucson, Arizona and the Human Performance Institute’s premiere energy management performance training program.

Corporate Athlete® training — rooted in over 30 years of proprietary research in training top-performing athletes, military forces, and Fortune 500 executives — combines performance psychology, exercise physiology, and nutrition to help individuals expand and manage their personal energy to achieve sustainable high performance. By blending these teachings with Canyon Ranch’s integrative approach to wellness, The EXCELerate Program offers a new caliber of training that can help participants reach their full potential and optimize their well-being — at work and at home.

"Collaborating with Canyon Ranch enables us to expand our reach and impact more lives," said Sanjay Gupta, President, Wellness & Prevention, Inc. "Together, we are offering participants the ultimate wellness experience – a holistic immersion into optimized well-being, enhanced performance, and improved healthy lifestyles."

An August pilot of the new EXCELerate Program has generated a positive response. "EXCELerate was a life-changing experience," said Michael Crawford, a program participant from Nationwide Wealth Management, LLC. "I have been able to apply energy management principles to make realistic changes, create a personal mission statement, and define my life purpose."

Program dates scheduled for 2014 include March 23-28, July 13-18, and October 19-24. All programs will be delivered at Canyon Ranch's premiere property in Tucson, Arizona, where participants will engage in a 360° Energy Profile, biometrics collection, and one-on-one consultations around nutrition, fitness, body composition, and life management.

Canyon Ranch is a recognized leader in healthy living and luxury spa vacations. Since 1979, the company has received countless awards and accolades for its innovative approach to health and fitness and inspiring spa environments. Those interested in the EXCELerate Program can learn more or register for an upcoming program by visiting