Push-up & Rotation

Why Do It?
Literally a twist on a traditional push-up, the push-up and rotation requires more balance, skill and coordination, as well as more strength as you support your upper body with one arm momentarily. This advanced exercise is ideal for those exercisers who find the traditional push-up not challenging enough. It will provide a greater workout for the chest, shoulders, and arms, but also the core muscles.
Do It Well
Start with hands just wider than shoulder-width, hands and feet on the floor, body straight from head-to-heel, arms fully extended, but not locked. Lower your body until elbows are bent at 90 degrees, keeping core muscles engaged. Push up, rotate upper body and extend your right arm upwards. Return to starting position and repeat. (Alternating sides).
Remember to consult your physician for medical clearance prior to starting any exercise program. Do not participate if you have any injuries or medical conditions that may be adversely affected. Exercise at your own pace and to no more than discomfort. Discontinue exercising should you experience any abnormal response such as muscle, joint or bone pain, chest pain or tightness, or shortness of breath and seek medical attention immediately.